"mollymingeyprojects is a New York based collaborative who uses movement, text, sound and set design to create alternate realities within performance. Their main interest is expanding audiences perspectives of themselves and the world around them."

Molly Mingey is a Milwaukee native and currently a New York based choreographer and dancer. In New York, her work has been presented by NYC10, The Hoover Dam Collective, Fenn and Company, and The Indie Ballet Collaborative. Her work has also been presented at theaters, universities, and high schools throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Molly's performance career began in Milwaukee. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UW-Milwaukee she danced for Wild Space Dance Company, Danceworks on Tap, and Kelly Radermacher Dance. Since relocating to New York, she has worked with Periscope Performance Lab, Fenn and Company, BOINKdance, Xandra Clark, and Kayt Macmaster Dance Group.